The genetics of this medical marijuana strain is the blend of two of the classic Sativa dominant strains,Β  Sour Diesel and Jack Herer. This plant contains green-colored nugs which are calyx-shaped with curlier orange-colored trichomes all over the flowers. The acute sour odor of this strain is the signature aroma of Sour Jack.
This strain is known to give users the blend of lemony and fuel aromas combined with the hints of menthol and pine. The taste will be close to the aroma and is reminiscent of lemon soda.
The effects of this strain are largely uplifting and provide users with sparkling energy while minimizing fatigue. Sour Jack has been found to be great in fighting depression and can help in staying energized.

1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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