Grape Angel Cake is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created through crossing alien cookies, sour cream cakes, and grape kush strains. Known for its super delicious flavor and heavy high, Grape Angel Cake is perfect for any hybrid lover.

This bud has a sweet and creamy taste with hints of light herbs and woody pine throughout. The aroma is just as delicious, with a touch of dank pungency to it, too. The Angel Cream Cake high is definitely a creeper, working its way into your mind a few minutes after your final exhale before fully taking hold. You’ll feel a subtle building lift that gently boosts your mood into a state of pure euphoric before spreading throughout your entire body, easing away aches and pains and leaving you feeling almost weightless. This weightlessness will suddenly turn heavy, leaving you physically stoned, couch-locked, and totally immobile.

With these heavy effects and its high average THC level, Grape Angel Cake is often chosen to treat conditions such as depression, mood swings, chronic stress, chronic pain and migraines or headaches. This bud has dense grape-shaped forest green nugs with deep purple undertones, light amber hairs and a frosty thick coating of tiny bright amber crystal trichomes.


1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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